I mostly paint scenes from my own life, self-portraits in specific emotional states at certain occasions and moments of time. I also paint girls and women in delicate almost meditative and dreamy states of mind. Sometimes they seem fragile and delicate but they are to me always powerful and strong.

My work is expressive I don’t use sketches or other kind of preparatory work before initiating a painting. My paintings develop as I work making them spontaneous and intuitive. Sometimes I have an idea as where I want to go with it, what the result will be. Other times I don’t know what it is before the painting is completely done.

Lyrics, poems, literature and even phrases from a conversation on the street inspire me. I like to mix the imagined world with the real world to combine the figurative with the abstract – creating a world of my own.

I also seek and find inspiration in social media, I love to look at people and their curated life’s, how they like to be perceived. I like to take these moments and make them mine. Social media is in fact a huge part of my world and work. Another source of inspiration are the masters I love the classics and learning from them is pivotal. So spending time in museums, galleries and with old art books are a must.